Credentials of Louis Mitler


Owner, TRS Translation Services

Washington, DC and Charlottesville, VA

Cataloger (Turkish), Middle East Institute

Washington, DC

Translator, Property Manager

Lexington, Kentucky

Librarian (consultant for reorganization),
Çukurova University

Adana, Turkey

Cataloger, Middle Eastern Materials,
LIbrary of Congress

Washington, DC


University of Kentucky
Master of Library Sciences
Lexington, Kentucky

Indiana University
Doctoral Studies (Turkish)
Ural and Altaic Languages Department
Bloomington, Indiana

University of Kentucky
Master of Arts (History)
Lexington, Kentucky

Istanbul University
Felsefe Bölümü (philosophy, psychology)
[Turkish language] Edebiyat Fakültesi
(Department of Arts and Letters)
Istanbul, Turkey

Catholic University
Washington, DC

Liceo San Damiano
Maturità (High School Certificate)
Assisi, Italy


Native languages: English
Source languages: Turkish, Azeri (Azerbaijani), Italian, and Spanish
Language of interest: French and German


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Professional Affiliations

American Translators Association
Life member: member since 1977

American Literary Translators Association
Active member since 1990

National Association of Judiciary
Interpreters and Translators
Active member since 1995

Secretariate of State of Canada, Ottawa Ontario
Turkish Language Certification

Selected Publications

Forty Years of Turkish Humor: Anthology Short Stories by Aziz Nesin. Translated by Louis Mitler. Washington, D.C.: Three Continents Press, 1991.

Contemporary Turkish Writers. Bloomington, Indiana: Indiana University, Research Institute for Inner Asian Studies, 1988.

Bekir Yildiz. "Shahan the Smuggler."
Translated by Louis Mitler in Contemporary Turkish Literature. Talat Sait Halman, ed. Rutherford, New Jersey: Fairleigh Dickins 1982.

"The Genoese in Galata, 1453-1682."
International Journal of Middle Eastern Studies 10 (1979); 71-91.

Füzuran. "The River." Translated by Louis Mitler in An Anthology of Modern Turkish Short Stories. Fahir Iz, ed. Minneapolis, Minnesota: Bibliotheca Islamica, 1978.

"The Anarchist" in The Library of Congress Literary Anthology. Washington, D.C.: Library of Congress Professional Association 1977.

"Love at First Sight" in Ararat Magazine.
Spring Literary Anthology, 1975.

Book Reviews of Middle Eastern Publications in American Reference Books Annual, 6th edition, 1975.

Book reviews for Library Journal,

"Selected Bibliography of Works on the
Genoese Presence in Galata, 1453-1682"
in Middle Eastern Library Association Notes.
&nbspAutumn issue, 1975.